Facebook Communities Summit
In an effort to celebrate community and the people who build it, Facebook held its first-ever conference for group admins, Facebook Communities Summit, in Chicago in June 2017. Group admins often form groups around personal passions and quickly find themselves thrust into unexpected leadership positions with a community that depends on them. This gathering, attended by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook CPO Chris Cox, was their opportunity to share ideas, seek inspiration, and set about bringing the world closer together to make change happen.
Role: Joined after initial concept phase to co-art direct brand experience and design numerous event touchpoints.  
Communities Event in Germany
Facebook hosted an informal lunch where group admins met Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and discussed the importance of building community with meaningful groups. With wide-ranging interests, group admins play a vital role in the Facebook community. This was the first meeting of its kind with a member of Facebook's leadership team outside of the U.S. Highlighting participants, A2-sized creative was displayed in a gallery setting and presented to attendees.
Role: Art Direction and Design
Camera Effects Ad Campaign
Facebook wanted to increase awareness and use of its camera effects. We utilized its carousel ad platform to display highlighted frames and illustrate ease of use to the Brazilian market. For authenticity, photos were provided by employees in Brazil and supplemented with relevant stock imagery when needed. Five sets were made in total – two evergreen and three holiday-specific.
Role: Art Direction and Design

Father's Day carousel ad in News Feed

Facebook Video for TV
Marketing requested a series of digital ads to increase reach for and build awareness around Facebook’s new video app. Creative was to be actionable, concise, and on-brand with product screenshots. Continuously tested, messaging was refined based on results, and visuals were optimized per platform.
Role: Art Direction and Design

16:9 ad for casting devices

Fire TV ad

Samsung online banners

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