Growing up in university towns exposed me to diverse cultures, sparking a deep curiosity to explore more. What was intended to be a brief stay in New York transformed into an 18-year journey, working for design firms, agencies, and in-house shops. Beyond the design world, I embraced passions like soccer, snowboarding, and travel.
As my family grew, we sought a change and settled in Atlanta. There, I collaborated with design shops and start-ups while coaching middle school soccer. Life felt balanced and fulfilling.
Unexpectedly, an opportunity led us to the Bay Area, where I refined my branding and marketing skills at renowned Silicon Valley companies. Though California felt like an amazing getaway, it never truly felt like home. So, just before COVID-19 lockdowns, we returned to Atlanta.
Currently, I thrive on building brands, revamping websites, and (still) playing soccer. I’m always open to new challenges, so feel free to reach out if you have an exciting one!
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