At the outset of the pandemic, Building Industry Partners – the leading private equity firm in the building industry – and Webb Analytics produced an invitation-only Zoom summit for the top 150 building industry executives. It consisted of 9 panels made up of industry executives, economists, and other subject matter experts. The purpose of the event was to help industry leaders minimize the impact of the crisis on their businesses and their employees. 
After the summit, I was engaged to create a logo and interactive PDF that would provide participants and persons unable to attend with a visually engaging, informative, and actionable document that highlighted key points made, data provided, summaries, and full videos of the panels. The tone was to reflect the gravity of the crisis while its positive message embodied solidarity and collaboration. 
The timeframe was one month from concept to completion. Though there was little in the way of photography, it was important to show all the attendees that came together in this time of need. Nick Ramos of Graphismo transformed low-res participant screenshots into thoughtful black-and-white vector illustrations, equally portraying the attendees. Copy and project management were expertly delivered by Michele Wisch Robin. Bobby Donathan built the accompanying website, matching the design of the recap.
Role: Creative Direction, Design
Team: Nick Ramos, Michele Robin, Bobby Donathan
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