While contracting with The Studio – a concentrated team focused on delivering high-quality, consumer-facing creative to support Facebook's product and regional marketing offerings – I tackled a variety of projects including digital advertising, event branding + experience, brand guideline updates, and presentations for audiences around the globe. A/B tested and refined, the below creative shows final designs that shipped.
Role: Art Direction, Design
Facebook Video for TV
Marketing requested a series of digital ads to increase reach for and build awareness around Facebook’s new video app. The creative needed to be actionable, concise, and on-brand while utilizing product screenshots. Messaging was adjusted based on user testing and visuals were optimized per platform.

16:9 ad for casting devices

Fire TV ad

Samsung online banners

Camera Effects Ad Campaign
Facebook wanted to increase awareness and use of its camera effects. We utilized the carousel ad platform to display selected frames and illustrate its ease of use to the Brazilian market. For authenticity, photos provided by employees in Brazil were used and supplemented with stock imagery only if needed. Five sets in total were made – two evergreen and three holiday-specific.

Father's Day carousel ad in News Feed

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